Lauren and Todd met by chance some four years ago, when she was on a traveling physical therapy assignment in Austin, Texas.

In Lauren’s words, “A good friend of mine was friends with a traveling nurse down here in Texas and she introduced us.   We hung out a few times and then she invited me to a River Tubing birthday party.  Todd was there cause he was good friends with the birthday boy.  We met at the party and I had absolutely no idea Todd was even interested.  He wasn’t really my type ;0)  and I wasn’t really looking for anything cause I thought I would be leaving in 3 months.”


“Well he offered to show me around Austin (especially the music scene). I actually stood him up the first time I was suppose to hang out with him and his friends and then the second time a brought another guy friend with me.”

“I have no idea why he stuck around but he did and we just hit it off. We found out we were living very different lives; but, we had a lot of the same life experiences throughout our childhood and early adult lives.”

“We dated for the next 3 and half years which seemed like only a few minutes.”

” I never met anyone that I was able to truly be myself with and he liked me for me.”

“It was a relationship that was truly based on give and take and one in which we were able to enjoyed doing activities each other liked just because it made the other person happy.”


“Anyway my 3 months assignment in Austin, Texas has now lasted 4 years and I have found the love my life.”

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